I began my journey modding Seiko watches when I felt the urge to create something a little unique for myself.  Looking back, the Sinn style Pilot watch isn’t really unique among us WIS and modders, but I thought that putting a yellow second hand on it was awesome!  After that, I wanted a green watch, and then a Black Bay homage, and then I realized that the modding bug had hit me.  I was addicted to modding watches.  Just the simple fact that I could change a second hand color whenever I wanted to, or change the entire look of an SKX007 with a bezel change put so many ideas into my head.  As I came up with more and more ideas, I was upset when I learned that parts didn’t really existed for my dream mod — an homage to the Rolex Milgauss.  I really admired the color combination of the watch, but promised myself I would never buy something that I couldn’t really afford.  There wasn’t really anything that I could do at that point except have my own dials produced, so I bit the bullet and had a line of sunburst dials made.

It was a very risky decision at the time, since I was relatively unknown in the modding world at the time, but my idea of a Seiko homage to the Milgauss proved to be popular with the folks on Reddit.  After a post in January 2016, I got many requests to make my “Nilgauss” mod using my new sunburst dials.  This led to a small line of watches that I am making over at alexjameswatches.com.  Since then, I have been having parts made for mods and my small line of watches.  Though I don’t have a vast array of parts just yet, the summer of 2017 is looking to include some new products!