Packaging and Upcycling

I’m sure many of you have noticed that I use some unorthodox methods of packaging that you might be used to from other retailers out there.  I do this because I am trying to do my part, as a small business, to be more environmentally friendly.  I wanted to outline what I do and why, in order to better educate my customers as to why my packaging might appear “less professional” than others.

  1. Styrofoam is re-used from the Styrofoam my suppliers ship dials to me in.  Instead of throwing the Styrofoam away, I simply re-use it, as it is a good material to use with dials because of the dial feet.
  2. Cardboard is used from nice sturdy boxes that I get various other packages in.  I only use cardboard that is sturdy that dial feet easily snap into.
  3. Trading cards and other more pliable re-used cardboard are then used to make sure the dial stays attached to the Styrofoam or thicker cardboard.  These trading cards are very common cards that my brother and I had sitting around our parents’ house.  Instead of using fresh paper or cardboard, I simply use what I already have, and would likely be sent to a recycling plant anyways.  
  4. Paper informational inserts come from the shipping labels I use.  Instead of recycling this paper and buying cardstock for business cards, I simply re-use the paper that is already at my disposal.   

Remember, “reduce, reuse, recycle” should be done in that order, if possible :). I hope everything I’ve laid out makes sense to everyone, and can help everyone just think a minute about what they can do in their own lives to help just a little bit with reducing waste to help out our environment.