DC23 Collection FAQs

The DC23 Collection is a project that I was very passionate about. As someone with a smaller wrist, there aren't many options out there for diver style mods. The most readily available case out there is the SKX013. A few years ago, I put one together, and there were just too many issues I had with it, which resulted in me just never wearing my watch. After about a year of work, the DC23 cases were finally made and available! Many people ask what the difference between the cases are, and I think the two photos below illustrate the main differences.

Q: Are the DC23 compatible with SKX013 parts?
A: The only part compatible with the SKX013 is the crown. To give the case more dial clearance and the same small diameter, the bezel and bezel insert sizes needed to change
Q: Is there a bracelet available?
A: Bracelets are currently in production, but they are compatible with the DressKX SRPE bracelets and aftermarket bracelets.
Q: Are you planning any more bezel inserts?
A: Yes. Currently the plan is to make some YM style bezel inserts. After that, there will likely be a batch of aluminum bezels and then more ceramic bezels. the only bezel inserts set in stone right now are YM style ones, so everything else is subject to change.  

For a more detailed overview of the case compared to the SKX013, check out the video below!