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OMDB01 - Light Blue GMT DIal

OMDB01 - Light Blue GMT DIal

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This dial is for the following Seiko movements with either a 3 o'clock or 4 o' clock crown: NH34 and equivalents. This dial has the appropriate larger center hole for the NH34 GMT movements. These dials have 4 dial feet, and you can simply clip off the ones you don't need. 

These dials 28.5mm in diameter, and are compatible with popular Seiko Mods cases like the SKX007/009/5KX watches, various non diver Seiko 5s, and of course all AJuiceT cases. 

Please note that although we try and take the best pictures we can, these dials look differently in different lighting, so actual color may vary.  Please note you will only be receiving one dial.  Photos may include more than 1 dial in order to show differences in shade based on lighting and angles. For additional photos, you can view the Prelude.

Please note that these are limited to 25 pieces, as I am/have been using the remainder of the batch for my complete watches. 

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